Sant Cugat's sport centre

In Sant Cugat del Vallès (Spain) the system will be implemented in a new sport centre. The proposed system will perfectly match the energy needs of a sport centre, as it will be designed to provide heat at peak times (week-end) thanks to its inertia.

The system will also supply the domestic hot water to an existing athletic tracks attached to the sport centre. In this way, the implementation will constitute a retrofitting solution.

The use case evolution will be transcribed here. 

Oct - 17

System design is over, and tendering procedure is on track to purchase the various elements and start operations. You will find below the final plans of the system configuration. It is expected to allow for 36% of energy savings!

May - 18

The tendering procedure is ongoing: the administrative process was successfully completed, the construction company was elected and the scheduled work will soon be defined. We are looking forward to starting the construction process, certainly in the coming month.

Most of the thermal energy distribution will go for the swimming pool (air treatment and water) accounting for a high energy demand.

Jan - 19

The construction phase began on September 18, the works are being executed as scheduled and are planned to finish during the first week of March.

The last milestones achieved were the installation of the 160 PVT panels and the reinforcement of the pavement where the TEST will be installed.

Apr - 19

The construction phase has been a bit delayed (due to the redesign of the deposit) but the works are going to be finished in the next few weeks. The totality of the roof structure and the PV-T panels installations have been built, as well as most of the tank, hydraulic, electric and monitoring installations. The final works task has started in February: it includes all the works pending to finish the rest of the tasks (foot bridge on the roof, pipes isolation, sealing test of the roof, installation of air conditioning tubes of the court, enclosure of the TEST room, electrical and monitoring test). Most of the works pending will be carried out in parallel of the Start Up project phase.

May - 19

The TEST has been redesigned, manufactured and installed as well as the hydraulic, electrical and monitoring installation. Now only final details are pending and the construction phase is about to end. The Start Up project phase will begin soon.

Here is a video presenting Sant Cugat construction's best moments until today:

Oct - 19

 The construction phase ended in June 2019, with the hydraulic and electrical monitoring installation. Now, the Start-up phase has begun and the system is already generating electric power and storming thermal energy in the TEST.

And here is a video presenting the 7th Steering Meeting in Sant Cugat, when all the project partners also visited the Sant Cugat pilot with the CHESS-SETUP system already installed and working! 

Des - 19

 The start-up phase has finished and the system is already generating energy (thermal and electric), storing thermal energy in the tank and heating the swimming pool.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 680556.

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