Lavola's headquarters

Before implementing the system to the other pilot cases, a small scale pilot-test has been carried out in Lavola’s headquarters, located in Manlleu (Spain). The building is called "Ecoedifici" (Ecobuilding) due to its energy efficiency and its sustainability, part of its DNA since its conception in 2006. The company wants to go further on, and transform the Ecoedifici into a NZEB (Near Zero Emission Building). 

The implementation lead in the Ecoedifici has been useful to test and optimize the configuration and the efficiency of the system, before implementing it at bigger scale. Moreover, it helps to demonstrate that the system can also be suitable into existing buildings with limited space for the storage tank.

You can find here all the news items and achievements of the Lavola's use case:

PV completed.jpg

Oct - 17

Due to the pilot’s features, and thanks to a detailed benefit assessment, the system design evolved towards version CHESS 2.0. You will find below the plans, starting to be implemented, and the decisive arguments that encouraged this evolution from solar hybrid to photovoltaic panels.

Jan - 18

Facing the practical conditions on ground, the system design evolved once again to come out with a final CHESS 3.0 scheme. Find below the final plans where the water tanks are replaced by energy storage in mortal slabs. This system is expected to allow for 22% of energy savings (and the related cost savings).

Jan - 19

Construction activities of CHESS 3.0 started on 4th June in the Ecobuilding, after having the permits from the City Council.  From the beginning of June to the end of August the following tasks were carried out:

  • Replacement of the roof cantilever to identify the structural pillars of the building and check the status of the water insulation layer.

  • Marking the position of the metallic structure of the photovoltaic array.

  • Preparation of the hydraulic installation of the new heat pump.

  • Relocation of the current solar thermal panels.

  • Replacement of the solar panels and the trackers.

  • Assemblage of the metallic structure.

  • Building the concrete slab for the heat pump.

  • Installation of solar photovoltaic panels.


The 9,9 kWp of photovoltaic installation is already finished. Now, the following tasks are going to be performed:

  • the installation of the heat pump

  • the implementation of the monitoring and control system.

Metallic structure assembling.jpg

May - 19

The installation of the heat pump has been the major task carried out over the last months. From the beginning of April 2019 to the middle of May, the heat pump has been purchased, delivered and received. The last weeks of May were dedicated to its installation, and now it is completely operational.

Moreover some auxiliary elements have also been installed over the last weeks: control panels, thermical sensors and electrical wiring.

Lavola Heat Pump.JPG

Sep - 19

The system has been fully on service since the end of June, and we can start to see the first positive effects of the CHESS SETUP solution in Lavola's headquarters: the energy savings nearly reach 50%, which is more than two times of what was expected (22%).

Oct - 19

Thermal energy meter is implemented in the monitoring software. Therefore, it is possible to control the instantaneous energy consumption as well as the flow. Technical issues regarding the heat pump are being treated by the Carrier but they should be solved very soon. 

lavola_control system.png

Des - 19

Now the finishing phase of the pilot is about to begin: the system will be on service by the end of the month, thanks to the works carried out in May 2019, mainly the heat pump installation, auxiliary control elements and board implementation. 

Sep - 20


The system represents a reduction of 47% of the total energy consumption, and a reduction of 65% of the greenhouse gases emissions (18,9 tCO2/yr)

47 %

65 %

65,4 MWh/yr

18,9 tCO2/yr


(100% Natural Gas)

CO2 emissions SAVED